Technology & Industry

4 Exciting Office Design Trends Changing The Way We Work

The workspaces of the future are closer then realize. Learn about the exciting office design trends changing the way we work. Part 2 of a 3 part series on Neocon 2016.

Office Inspriation

7 Top Interior Design Trends for 2016 (NeoCon)

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Expert Tips to Help Plan Your Conference Room Design

Don't let redesigning the conference room overwhelm you. Here are some must-know tips to help you achieve the best conference room for your business.

Health & Well-being

Office designs that support the needs of introverts

Quiet and contemplative, introverted employees require both space for privacy and room for more direct communication.


Maximize Your Benefits From A Sit-Stand Desk

Knowing how to use a sit-stand desk is the best way to maximize your health. Here are some best practices when working at a sit-stand desk.