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Ways your small-business office space can improve your bottom line

When we think about office design, the concept usually comes across as predominantly aesthetic. This is understandable, as incorporating things like contemporary office furniture can go a long way toward making your space far more enjoyable for you and your employees. Nonetheless, there are actually far more tangible rewards to be gained from your office design than you may know. For example, there’s considerable evidence to suggest that your small-business office space can actually go a long way toward bettering your operation’s bottom line.

Running any business means that you need to be constantly concerned about how to maximize efficiency and, in turn, overall profit. If you’re looking for less-than-obvious ways to make this process easier on yourself, consider using your office design to improve your bottom line. Not sure how to begin this? No worries, simply take a look at these examples:

Quiet spaces and collaborative ones
Citi has reported that having distinctly defined quiet spaces spread throughout your office can do a great deal to improve the efficiency of your workforce. As we know, many small-business office spaces incorporate a large amount of collaborative space and facilities. This is great in that it fosters communication and teamwork between individuals from different departments or areas of the business, but it’s important to pair these with accompanying quiet spaces. Now and again, your workers will need to sequester themselves in an area of very little distraction so they can really buckle down on an individual project. Having dedicated quiet spaces can afford them a simple place to do this and allow them to skip the seeking-for-space phase and get down to work more quickly. More work completed each day means a healthier bottom line for you.

Distinct quiet spaces can help your bottom line in the long run. Distinct quiet spaces can help your bottom line in the long run.

Small perks and image

Sure, it’s a wonderful thing to have an office that clients or employees walk into and are instantly wowed by. Still, there are equally worthwhile benefits that can come from creatively styling your small-business office space. For example, operating in a smaller space than some of your competitors can help you present a more homey, down-to-earth vibe to your clientele. While this may not provide the same thrill as walking into somewhere with a fully stocked kitchen, chef and basketball court, your personability may draw in more clients.

Try to increase this image by investing in small perks for you

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