The Best Laptop Desk

If you are working from home or on a flex schedule, a laptop desk can be s great solution. Laptop desks make great remote workstations. Some laptop desks are even height adjustable. So, how do you find the best laptop desk? Here are a few things to consider.

Is your workstation fixed or would you like to be mobile?

Is your workstation fixed or would you like to be mobile? If you are working in the same place every day, your options open up. But, if you’re going to need a laptop desk that is height adjustable, has casters, and is relatively lightweight.

Would you like to adjust the height of your workstation?

It’s your workspace that matters

Many studies have indicated that alternating between a seated and standing work position improves circulation and reduces fatigue. However, most of up are unlikely to do this if the adjustment is difficult or time-consuming. If you would like to change your working position throughout the day, you will need a height adjustable laptop table. In particular, one with a simple adjustment mechanism.

Would you like to work from the sofa or bed?

Many people like to move from place to place throughout the day. If you move from the desk to the table to the sofa while you are working, it is important to consider the laptop desk base configuration. You will also need to consider the height of your working location. Your bed may be higher than your sofa. You may need a height adjustable laptop desk.

Will you need to store your laptop desk when you are not working?

If you need to put your workstation away or move it around your workspace regularly, you will need casters. Casters will allow you to roll your laptop desk from space to space or room to room. You will need to select the right type of casters for your flooring. You may also need locking casters to prevent unwanted movement.

What is your budget?

Budget is important because when it comes to furniture, you really do get what you pay for. It is possible to find a budget-friendly, quality laptop desk. You might have to give up a few style points but you can get a sturdy, functional, durable piece on a budget.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different. The perfect laptop desk for you will be based on your answers to these questions. Here are a few of our favorites.

Angle and Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk

Budget Friendly

This is our favorite budget laptop desk. This desk will cover your needs in a variety of work situations. This desk has a generous workspace. The larger section is angle adjustable. This gives you the freedom to change the working angle of your hands and wrists throughout the day. This simple adjustment can improve circulation in your hands and wrists and prevent repetitive stress injury.

This handy laptop desk is height adjustable allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing. The base adjusts in a telescopic fashion with the adjustment of two screw-knobs. This product is lightweight and completely portable. The casters included with this laptop desk are commercial grade and perfect for wood, tile, or short pile rugs and carpets. One of the best things about this desk is the price. Priced below $175, this laptop desk packs a lot of punch.

The Tobias Network Table

The Tobias Laptop Desk

This laptop desk gets our award for style. The Tobias is a modern minimalist desk that works nicely in live-work spaces. The desktop is large enough for a laptop, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a phone. Once your day is over, just pack up your gear and you have a beautiful accent table. Presto, your office just disappeared.

The Tobias includes a solid wood veneer desktop. This is a stationary work desk. It is not sold with casters but comes with bumpers on the bottom rails to protect hard flooring. The base of the Tobias is designed to slide under a sofa in case you need a change of scenery. Although not completely mobile, this desk is multi-functional.

The Float Mini by Humanscale

float laptop desk
The Float Mini

The is our favorite laptop desk. Everything Humanscale makes is high quality and ergonomically designed. In addition to superior ergonomic design, Humanscale operates with the highest of sustainable standards. They use no Red List chemicals in the production of the Float Mini. The desktop is made of sustainably harvested bamboo.

The Float Mini is a height adjustable laptop desk. A non-powered pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers the desktop smoothly and quietly. The compact design of the Float Mini makes it easy to move around. You can add casters if you need to roll the laptop desk around your home or office.

Because of the Float Mini’s Y shaped base design, this desk can be used from a bed or a sofa. The desktop is 16″x27″ providing plenty of room to work. This piece is one of our pricier laptop desks but don’t forget, you get what you pay for. And, Humanscale offers a solid warranty on all its products.

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