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Making Your PC Setup Perfect for Optimal Game Play

When you sit back and game, you should feel relaxed. You must optimize your PC and cultivate a room that makes you happy. Here are a few ways to level up your gaming setup and create a space you love.

Get a Proper Desk

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Unfortunately, there is no perfect fit desk that’ll work for everyone. What you seek from a desk may change over the years, or you could want something larger or smaller. You might want to stand during your long gaming sessions, so a standing desk might work wonders for you — especially considering there are physical health benefits to not leading too sedentary of a lifestyle.

Remember that your desk is the launching point that will determine everything else. You want something sturdy, so don’t forego the quality for something more aesthetically pleasing. You need a desk that will last you a while, so prioritize quality over anything else.

Get a Supportive Gaming Chair

Even if you have a standing desk, you won’t be standing up the entire time during your gaming sessions. You need the right equipment to support you physically as you have fun, as playing to your detriment might only push you away from your favorite hobby. A chair that offers lumbar support and can adjust according to your height will ensure you always play games responsibly without hurting your posture.

 Find Better Wrist Support

Long gaming sessions can be fun, but they aren’t always kind to your body. Too much gaming without the right support can lead to inflammation and stress on your arm, similar to tennis elbow. You should find something that helps support your wrists. For example, you might get a raised mousepad that supports your hand, so it isn’t angled downward when using your mouse. While it may take adjustment, you’ll start building healthier habits over time.

Find the Right Furniture

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In a small space, you have to figure out how to maximize your storage without taking up too much of the room. Modular furniture can help you make the most of your space, whether you stay in a small area or move somewhere larger in the future.

This furniture can take up space or stay small, — some solutions even offer storage that could be immensely handy. Modular furniture allows your decor to grow with your room.

Acquire the Best Accessories

As your gaming room collection grows, you may be able to upgrade some of your old accessories. While you shouldn’t go broke trying to get the best of everything immediately, you should prioritize the accessories that will help enhance your gaming experience. The right gaming headphones should work as a headset, which allows you to hear a game’s audio in the crispest way possible while also giving you excellent mic quality when you play games online with your friends.

You’ll also want a keyboard that delights you when you use it. Some people love the clicks that come from mechanical keyboards, so try some out before committing to ensure you like the noise and won’t be annoyed with it after a few hours of gaming.

Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are great for several reasons. They can help you save on energy costs by 30% while helping you avoid fading furniture. Along with those benefits, you’ll also have a darker room to play games in.

While you may have some artificial light sources in your game room, you may also notice that working around windows can cause glare on your monitor. By blocking out all the light, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the game fully and never miss another visual cue, whether it’s an artistic detail or a subtitle narrating what the characters are saying.

Store Your Cables

Even if you don’t care about the aesthetics of your game room, you should ensure your cords are up and out of reach. If you have pets or children, they may attempt to play with loose wires they see hanging around, so it’s as much a safety measure as a sleek, put-together option for storage. Plus, if you tend to fidget while playing games, you might get your leg hooked in loose cords hanging from your desk.

You can find cable storage boxes online. Alternatively, adhere your power strips to the underside of your desk so they aren’t just sitting out. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you can tidy your cords up somehow. Find something that works for you.

Your Gaming Setup, Your Way

Prioritize what you want to see first, but remember your health. Take breaks from gaming every now and then — it’ll keep you physically healthy, so you can always go back to the setup you love to spend time with.

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