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Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Gaming Setup

gaming set-up

Video games lead to other worlds full of engaging storytelling and memorable characters, which is why many people call it their favorite hobby. To fully enjoy your games the way they were meant to be played, you must have the proper equipment. Here are a few staples anyone needs in their gaming setup.


A monitor is a necessity. It might operate separately as a computer or television, but you need a screen to see your game better. The bigger it is, the more immersed you’ll feel in gaming.

The multiple menus and title screens can tell you a lot about the game and guide and influence your choices, so you need to be able to see them on the best quality screen possible. Visual quality is a major draw of video games. You should have a monitor that lets you appreciate the little details and Easter eggs sprinkled in the design. If you’re gaming on multiple monitors consider a monitor arm configuration.

Ergonomic Chair

One of the most important things about your computer setup is the chair. The wrong kind puts you at risk of bad posture and back pain. An ergonomic model will align your shoulders, spine, and hips, reducing discomfort after a long gaming session. Invest in a chair that could make a huge difference in your life.

Consoles of Your Choice

You’ll need at least one console. Many people play games on their smartphones, but about half of those who play video games prefer consoles. They include options that aren’t found on PCs, and some people don’t like the feel of computer gaming and need another option. Look no further than Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo for a console you’ll love.

Check out the available games on each platform and consider the pros and cons. A Nintendo Switch features games with familiar characters that might have a cozier feel. Other consoles, like the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5, might have more action-oriented games. Of course, if you have the funds to invest in your gaming setup, you can purchase more than one console.

Handheld Options

Some days, you may not feel like booting up your PC or gaming console to play a game. Alternatively, you might want to play an older offering that isn’t available on your platforms. That’s why handheld gaming devices exist — they allow you to play games that evoke nostalgia while allowing you to sit comfortably on your couch. 

You might want to play something that interests you in gaming due to its fun, engaging story, and colorful characters. It’s great to have the option of playing whenever you feel like it.


The best way to dive into the stellar audio quality most games feature is to invest in the best speakers you can afford. They’ll allow you to appreciate every bit of music or dialogue that was expertly crafted and placed into a game. Don’t miss out on the game’s best aspects — you might catch a small detail you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Playing an old game with a new set of speakers can make the experience unlike any other.


If you play online, you might forgo the top-of-the-line speakers for a headset with crisp audio quality and a microphone you can use to talk to others. It’s a quick way to level up your game and experience everything a multiplayer option offers. 

Consider getting an entertainment center with enough storage or space to spread out your valuable gaming equipment. It should have storage for video and board games, as well as a place to dock your headset.

A Corner Desk

A corner desk isn’t necessary, but it levels up your game. It can give you more space to store your gaming items, as well as room to play on your PC. You’ll be able to place your items in an aesthetically pleasing way. Plus, you can play one game on one side of the desk, then turn to the other for something else.

Mouse and Mousepad

Every PC gamer needs a responsive mouse and a mousepad that reflects them. Some people opt for a desk mat, which goes under your keyboard and gives you greater freedom to move your mouse around. You won’t have to worry about swiping your wrist off the mousepad.

Sometimes, people don’t take enough breaks when playing games. The continued wear on your forearm muscles can lead to an injury similar to tennis elbow, where you feel pain due to prolonged mouse use. Avoid this by using a mousepad that offers wrist support to keep your hands level.

Compatible Controllers

Some PC gamers don’t like to use the keyboard controls — they’d rather use a console controller. This works if you have a console with compatible controllers. Just make sure you have more than one so you can keep playing if you need to recharge the battery.


Every gamer knows that a proper aesthetic is essential to a cozy gaming room. You should aim to follow a color scheme or overall theme. Pick a few colors and build around those. For example, many gaming setups feature pink LED lights, as well as a pink keyboard and mouse.

The aesthetic you choose should reflect who you are as a person. Not everything must match, but it can really bring a room together and enhance its overall appeal. Consider decoration, such as statues from your favorite games or display cases, to show off what you love most.

Become a Video Game Legend

If you want to make your hobby a major part of your life, you need to have a proper setup that allows you to play any game you want. Your room should include high-quality items that will enhance your gaming experience. Then, you can enjoy all your games to the fullest.

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