Space Planning

Get That Dream Office Design on a Pauper’s Budget

You don’t need the finances of a billion-dollar corporation to redesign your office space. If you’re working with a tight budget but want to revamp your office, read on to learn some effective tips that can help you achieve that dream office design.

Office Design on a Budget

With the proper planning, you can get your dream office design.

1. Space Flexibility

Save money by being flexible is one of the best ways to get the most out of an office space. Nearly every room and piece of furniture should have multiple functions. For example, your conference room chairs may also double as breakroom furniture. Or perhaps your waiting room couches are also landing spots for employees who want to wander with their laptops during the day. Consider what different uses each piece of furniture you may buy could have. This way, you’ll purchase less specific niche furniture and more that works for the everyday.

2. Focus on Functionality

Spending a lot of your budget on fancy carpet and wall coverings may not be the best idea. Instead, look for ergonomic workplace furniture that promotes employee health and well-being. Believe it or not, desk chairs can be a major factor in employee productivity. A staff that is comfortable at work will likely stay longer and do more, improving your return on investment and potentially adding to a larger budget for the next time you want to do an office redesign.

3. Look for Guarantees

When you buy furniture, you want it to last. One way to ensure that is to buy furniture with longer warranties. Keep an eye out for companies that use factory parts that match the exact brands of the furniture you have. Warranties can prolong the life of your furniture with proper upkeep and account for regular wear and tear. Look at this important information before you purchase new office furniture. Note shipping prices, the timing for fixes and how easy it is to get ahold of customer service. When you buy products that last, you will only have to budget for them once instead of once a year.

4. Buy in Bulk

Some furniture stores provide buy-in-bulk options to cater to companies with tighter budgets. Office Designs has a small-business program where companies can work with dedicated account representatives to purchase furniture in volumes to reduce their costs. This and similar programs offer discounts, trade-in options, and office layout and design services.

5. Talk to Experts

Sometimes the best advice is to consider enlisting the assistance of space planning experts. While some expert can charge a lot of money for their services, Office Designs space planning services are complimentary, so there at no cost to you. Best of all we know how to get you the best office no matter the budget. Experts can also work with you on price and be getting access to special pricing. Call or visit our space planning service to learn about our furniture and design services for companies of all budgets.

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