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5 Reasons You Need a Well-Designed Office Space

5 Reasons You Need a Well-Designed Office Space

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect workspace. How does it look? Is it bright and colorful? Quiet and subdued? Full of benches, notebooks or beanbags? Now picture the worst possible workspace. They’re pretty different, right? It’s easy to see that the way your workplace looks and feels can make a real impact when you consider the extremes. Even the small changes between the average office space and a truly well-designed space can make a big difference. Here are five ways investing in great office design can better your business:


Well-designed office space make a difference. (Photo via Steelcase)

Impress Clients

When clients come to your office for a meeting, they can learn a lot about your business based on how the workspace looks. If everything is chaotic or disorganized, they can easily get the impression that you won’t be able to keep up with their needs. If it’s nice, but doesn’t line up with your company’s brand, clients might think you don’t yet have clear vision for how your company should look and feel. Great design avoids these problems and ensures clients’ first impressions are completely positive.

Maximize Productivity

A well-designed office space is a more productive office. Ergonomic decisions, such as lighting, ambient sound, seating and desk choices may seem like small details on their own, but they quickly add up. Little changes make your employees more physically comfortable, which leaves them with fewer distractions and better focus. Moreover, a cohesive office design helps people associate that particular aesthetic with getting to work. If your office’s look is distinctive, your employees will take on a productive mindset the instant they step inside.

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Create Culture and Boost Morale

Workspace design also has the power to improve company culture and morale. Something as simple as a dedicated lunch space can make a significant impact. After all, this encourages people to eat away from their desks, taking breaks to clear their minds and refresh their creativity. In addition, it gives people an opportunity to socialize and communicate, improving employee bonds and creating a stronger network within the company.


(Photo via Herman Miller)

Plan for Growth

Ideally, your company will always grow. While eventually you may need to expand into a new space entirely, your current design should have room for more people to join your company. This way, if you need to bring on new people, you won’t feel hampered by your ability to find them a place to sit. If there’s no physical room for growth, it may be time to consider expanding your space.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Waste

One of the most practical differences between the average office and an excellent office is organization. You can use floor layout to help visualize your company’s chain of command and departmental structure. Keep people who will work together in the same space, so they can easily communicate when needed. Managers and executives can have their own areas or designated office spaces, so it’s visibly obvious where people should turn for help or guidance. This macro-level organizational change makes work more efficient. On a micro level, small additions like desk organizers for all employees can make a big difference – even a relatively paper-free office has some pages that need to be kept in order, and these accessories can go a long way toward keeping your space well-organized. This reduces paper waste, as things are less likely to go missing.

If you think your office could use some organizational improvements, consider our professional design service. We can help ensure your office’s design enhances your business in the long run.

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