Returning to Work? You Need These!

For the second summer in a row, we are witnessing a complete restructuring of the American workforce. Last year many of us were forced into a work from home, remote lifestyle. This year, we are all trying to figure out how to return to the office. For some organizations, this means bringing 100% of staff back to the office full time. For others, it means trying to implement a hybrid system that has employees splitting time at home and in the office.

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 taught us all some very valuable lessons about how and where we do our work. As we moved home, many of us were forced to reimagine our workspaces. It was an opportunity to build our work environment around us from scratch. It was an opportunity to ask ourselves what our most productive workspace looks like. This was a dramatic departure for adapting to the one size fits all workstation provided by many employers. As we move back into our offices, it is important to once again create the most productive workspace possible.

Ergonomic Design

If you spent any time working from your kitchen table, chances are you quickly realized the importance of ergonomic design. Above all, a workspace should be comfortable. The furniture should support the alignment and posture of the human body. Nothing can crush productivity faster than discomfort. Setting up your workspace to promote comfort and health should be a top priority. Below are four must have ergonomic products that must be a part of your daily workspace.

An Ergonomic Task Chair

If your work requires you to be seated all day, then your chair is your most important tool. A well designed ergonomic task chair will support hours of pain-free seated work day after day. Good task chairs can vary in price from $400 – $2000 depending on the brans and the model. However, price is not always an indicator of overall quality. Below are two of our favorite ergonomic task chairs.

The Freedom Chair by Humanscale (starting at $1,169)

The Freedom chair has been called the world’s simplest and smartest task chair because it adapts naturally to the geometry of the human body. The Freedom chair includes an intelligent counter balance recline mechanism that automatically provides the right amount of support through it’s full range of motion, regardless of user size and weight. This is important because it keeps the users eye-level near constant during recline preventing neck fatigue and soreness. In addition, the armrests move in tandem, keeping the shoulders even and the spine straight. The Freedom chair is size adjustable, designed to fit 95% of the population. Plus, it comes with a 15 year warranty!

The Series 1 Chair by Steelcase (starting at $429)

series 1 office chair

The Series 1 is a great ergonomic task chair that delivers a lot of bang for the buck. The Series 1 backrest is designed with integrated LiveBack™ technology. Independent flexors bend and move with the user to support the spine throughout the day.

The Series 1 also includes adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat height and seat depth, and fully adjustable arms. The Series 1 chair checks all the ergonomic boxes at a price that simply cannot be beat. This chair is ergonomically sound, durable, backed by the Steelcase warranty, and easy on the wallet.

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are probably one of the most overlooked, although necessary, office tools. Monitor arms are designed to prevent and/or eliminate neck pain. Users can easily change the height and angle of their display, preventing unhealthy neck positioning. Depending on your work style, you can find a monitor arm set up configured for one, two, and even three monitors.

The Flo Monitor Arm by Herman Miller ($295)

Its time to make your workspace more ergonomic with the Flo Monitor Arm. Winner of the National Ergonomics Conference “Choice Award”, the Flo is a fully adjustable monitor arm that attaches easily to any desk or table and can be moved from between workspaces quickly and easily. Perfect for the office and home office, you can make any desk cleaner, neater, and healthier with the addition of the Flo monitor arm.

Height Adjustable Desks

You have probably heard that alternating between a seated and a standing position during the work day is great for circulation, maintaining bone density, posture, and longevity. But, did you know that moving between a seated and a standing work position can also improve creativity and focus? Today, their are so many height adjustable work solutions on the market, it might be difficult to decide on the perfect product. Below are two of our favorites!

The Airtouch Table & Desk by Steelcase ($ 1,885)

airtouch height adjustable desk

The Airtouch is the Cadillac of height adjustable desks and it has a price tag to prove it. However, if price is no object, you cannot go wrong with the Airtouch. Just a quick touch of the ergonomic lift handle changes the height of the workspace from seated to standing quickly and quietly.

The Airtouch has a height range from 26″ to 43″ with infinite increments in-between. The work-surface comes in four beautiful laminates sitting atop a stylish, modern platinum column and base. The Airtouch is beautiful and durable and backed by the iron clad Steelcase warranty.


The footrest may be the most under rated piece of ergonomic office equipment. In fact, the footrest is one of those tools you really have to try befor you understand it’s value. A good footrest is designed to allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the angle of their feet, from toes up, to neutral, to toes down throughout the work day. These adjustments promote circulation in the legs and feet as well as reducing strain in the lower lumbar region. It really is amazing that a device so simple can have such a large health impact. If you don’t own a footrest, now is the time. Below are two of our favorites.

The FR500 Foot Machine by Humanscale ($79)

FR500 Foot Machine

The FR500 is a rocking footrest. It promotes active feet and legs while you brain and fingers are hard at work. It features rubber non-slip grips to help keep your feet in place and prevent sliding to protect wood floors. The FR500 is constructed from 99% post consumer recycled material and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The FM100 Foot Machine by Humanscale ($71)

FR100 Foot Machine

The FM100 is a sliding foot machine. It offers incredibly stable yet dynamically adjustable foot support. The non-skid surface of the FM100 insures that the feet will stay right where the user wants them. The FM100’s foot plate is solid hardwood and the tubular steel frame is powder coated to promote a smooth gliding action. Readjustment is simple, require only a slight movement of the feet to change positions. The FM100 is 100% recyclable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

As you begin the transition back to the office environment, make sure you have all the best ergonomic tools at you disposal. An ergonomic office will promote healthy and creative productivity.

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