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The Smarter Office: 4 Central Concepts

The conversation started with a central theme, create the very best home office furniture so people working from home can replicate the productivity of their office place. The Smarter Office was designed to bridge the gap between working from home and working in a traditional office. In order to deliver the right products for the home office at the right price, four central concepts were identified to be the standard bearers of the Smarter Office. 

smarter office designed
  • Designed – Recently we have seen the modern office shift toward a residential look and feel. Office furniture designed to support this new trend  has been given the fitting monikar resimercial furniture. However, as many people are moving into home offices, this concept has been turned upside down. The requirements of the home office are slightly different. Individuals working from home still require durable ergonomic design that can support 8 to 10 hours of daily focused work that also naturally blends into the home environment. This is a new twist! It is exactly this consideration that drives all of the design elements of the Smarter Office line. Every piece in this line is ergonomically designed to support even the longest work weeks but to also compliment the home working environment. The Smarter Office strives to create furniture to inspire the work you do from home while also elevating the style of your home workspace. 
smarter office comfort
  • Comfort – You might think that the concept of comfort would be automatic when it comes to designing furniture. But, have you ever sat in an uncomfortable office chair? Or, have you ever worked at a desk that forced your wrists into a stressful position or cramped your feet and legs? The Smarter Office takes great pride in combining the concepts of design and comfort so that neither are compromised or sacrificed. In order for individuals to maintain sustainable focused work from their home office, their bodies need to be comfortable and pain free. When properly executed, design and comfort will deliver an ergonomically sound, comfortable work environment that will lift the style of the home office space. 
smarter office durable
  • Durability – We have all had the experience of purchasing an item only to have it break or lose functionality long before we expected. The Smarter Office develops each piece of home office furniture to last a lifetime. Your style may change over time or you may move into a new work space with new dimensional challenges, which may necessitate replacing certain items. But, you should never need to make replacement purchases because of poor product quality. The Smarter Office understands this expectation. We create products designed to last a lifetime regardless of the demands placed on the products. Great furniture should move from generation to generation within families.
smarter office quick ship
  • Quick Ship – When it comes to shipping, there must be at least a thousand different ways to receive the products you’ve ordered. However, the question we all ask is, when will I get my stuff? It’s probably the second most important question after , how much does it cost? The Smarter Office understands that the reason you order home office furniture is because you need it now. That’s why one of the Smarter Office four central concepts is “Quick Ship”. Place an order before 2 pm EST M – F and it will ship that same day. If the order is placed after 2 pm EST, Smarter Office products will ship out the next day. Quick Ship is important because it’s important to receive the gear you need for your home office as soon as possible. 
the smarter office

It is the goal of the Smarter Office to provide professionals working from home everything they need to do their very best work! We will keep you informed as the Smarter Office home office furniture line continues to evolve and expand. 

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