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Office Designs: Essential Accessories for Your Home Office

In March, a lot of us said goodbye to our “normal” and hello to a whole new world. We’ve traded our slacks for pajama pants, our Starbucks for home-brewed coffee, and our office chair for the couch. If you’re like us, you’ve realized how important a well-decorated and comfy home office truly is. And if you’re still searching for the perfect accessories to complete your home office, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading as we highlight five essential accessories every home office needs.

1. The Perfect Desk Chair
Let us introduce you to your new best friend… the Verve Desk Chair by The Smarter Office. This is no ordinary desk chair. The Verve chair is completely customizable to fit your body, enabling hours of comfortable productivity, and its simplistic design style will fit with any home office aesthetic.

verve desk chair by smarter office

2. The Balance Height Adjustable Desk
Your second essential home office accessory is the multi-functional Balance Adjustable desk by The Smarter Office. With your preferred finish walnut or a crisp clean white, this sit-to-stand desk can be customized to fit your style. The Balance desk smoothly adjusts from 22.5 inches to 48.7 inches. The desktop is super sturdy, able to support a 125 pound load. The Balance desk from the Smarter Office makes the idea of sitting all day a thing of the past.

Balance desk in home office

3. Tabletop Lamp
Who says you have to buy a traditional desk lamp? We’re loving the Mr. N Portable Lamp by Koncept! The lamp’s arch-shaped design will add unique flair to any home office. Another reason we love this lamp is how easy it is to turn on. If you find yourself in a groove and need to turn it on, simply touch the bottom of the lamp. It can also be placed on your desk or somewhere else in the room to provide a soft, warm glow. Mr. N is the lamp to rule them all!

Mr. N lamp in home office

4. Foot Rest
A foot rest is the staple of any home office, and the Rocking Foot Rest by Humanscale is the one we recommend. Available in a beautiful black or cherry finish, this foot rest is unlike the others. The non-skid inset pads will keep your feet from slipping and provide support for your lower back. The modern wood and metal design of the foot rest will also seamlessly blend with the rest of your office furniture.

rocking foot rest for home office

5. Fun Office Decor
To spice up your home office, try adding fun decorative art like the Eames Elephant by Vitra. This piece comes in three pops of color — classic red, ice grey, and light pink — as well as white, so you can choose whichever fits the vibe you’re aiming for in your space. Perfect for your desk or on a side table, this elephant will brighten your day every time you look at it. Small, fun pieces like this may seem insubstantial but can go a long way in transforming your home office into a joyful, energizing space.

Eames elephant in home office

We hope these essential accessories make you excited to go to work in your updated home office! Contact us if you have any questions about the products we recommended. We’d love to answer them and help in any way we can!

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