How to Create the Perfect At-Home Workspace for You

Accepting a job that allows you to work from home has become a reality for many of us, rather than a once-in-a-while treat. There are pros and cons when choosing to work remotely and you may be worried about the effects it’ll have on your work ethic. This concern can be easily alleviated by creating a space in your home that inspires you and promotes productivity. 

Here are some tips to create the perfect home office that will help you reach your remote career goals:

Establish a Specific Working Space in Your Home

Steelcase Home Office
Add an accent wall

The first step, of course, is finding a space in your home that can serve as your office. If you’re lucky enough to already have a room that isn’t being used, consider adding home office furniture to designate the area. Oftentimes, you may have to do some remodeling in order to create an ideal office space. If this is the case, consider looking into how home equity loans could work to fund the project. Not only will the addition to your home allow you to reach your career goals but it will also add value to your home in the long run. By establishing a specific space in your home as a work area, you are able to create a distinguished line between work and play.

Dress Up Your New Space

For eight hours each day, you’ll be surrounded by the same walls in your office. Maybe you’re just considering choosing a paint color that matches the rest of your home, but there are plenty of other options to personalize your walls such as hanging paintings or posters. When decorating the walls of your office keep in mind what your colleagues will see in the background of your video meetings. Personalizing your space to your liking makes for a more enjoyable work day in your new office. 

Keep Comfort in Mind

Make a space you love

As previously mentioned, you’re going to be spending eight hours each day in this particular room. Comfort is key. Luckily, working from home means you won’t have to use company-wide office desks and chairs; you’ll have the freedom to purchase your own. We recommend you take your time when testing out desks and chairs to ensure you purchase the one that is most comfortable for you. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to furniture. In recent years height adjustable desks have become widely popular, allowing individuals to have the freedom to sit and stand throughout their work day.

Eliminate Distractions

Your typical workday can be filled with many distractions. Working from a private home office
allows you to remove any distractions that may hinder your workflow. When creating your
workspace, consider opting out of installing a TV, gaming console, or even a snack bar in the
room. Eliminating these kinds of distractions allows you to focus on your work and increase your
Accepting a remote job can be an exciting new chapter in your life. Office Designs has all
the necessities you’ll need to create a productive space in your home that you’ll enjoy working

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