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Essential Home Office Accessories

It has been almost a year now since downtown office workers fled the city and began working from home. Many of these displaced people found themselves working from their dining room tables or tucked away on a bench in the breakfast nook. However, it quickly set in that the dining room was no place for long hours of seated focused work. And, dining chairs, although perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, were no match for the ergonomic task chair they abandoned in their downtown workspaces. In fact, many companies offered their employees working from home a stipend to purchase home office furniture. Most of these funds were used to purchase ergonomic office chairs. 

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In 2020, we saw a 75% increase in sales of office chairs over the previous year. This makes sense of course because our bodies are not designed for long hours of seated work. Anyone who has spent a nine-hour work day in a kitchen chair will support this claim wholeheartedly. It seems that pain is a pretty good motivator for the buying of a supportive task chair. 

Now, a year later, many of us have embraced the idea of remote work. In fact, many companies have elected to proceed with a completely remote workforce. If you have been working from home for the last year, you’ve probably secured a good chair and desk or table. 2021 is all about creating the perfect home office workspace. The basics are covered, so what can you do next to build the most comfortable, most supportive, most productive  home office? Below we have created a list of our favorite essential home office accessories. We are here to make sure you can do your very best work!

The Moxie File Pedestal by The Smarter Office

Although we live and work in a near completely digital world, isn’t it amazing how quickly important paperwork still piles up? At home, we have always had essential documents like birth certificates and tax documents but working from home changes everything. Within just a few days of working from home, I realized that papers and forms were gathering across my desk. Filing capacity was never an issue at the office but it rapidly became apparent that I needed a home office solution. 

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I found that the Moxie Filing Pedestal was the perfect solution to organize my clutter. The Moxie is the perfect size for a home office. It tucks in neatly under or beside any desk or table. It is very light when empty and easy to move around, even to the upstairs spare bedroom. The casters are solid and glide easily on hard surfaces and carpet alike. The Moxie by The Smarter Office even has a locking top drawer which is perfect for all of my top secret blog drafts!

The FR500 Footrest by Humanscale

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I had never used a footrest under my desk until March of 2020 when we were required to work from home. Smart furniture gave us the opportunity to select the furniture and accessories we needed to outfit our new home workspace. Along with an ergonomic task chair and height

adjustable desk, I also selected the FR500 Footrest by Humanscale. I never thought this small accessory would become a work necessity. For me, moving forward, a good footrest is a must have piece of equipment for my office. 

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The FR500 is a rocking footrest, different in design than Humanscale’s alternative FR300 which is a sliding footrest. Both are exceptional in quality and sustainably manufactured. I have used booth rocking and sliding footrests and I prefer the rocking models. But, both are worth a little personal research. 

A good footrest allows you to change the angle of your feet throughout the workday which improves circulation in the legs and reduces fatigue.

The Talia Table Lamp by Pablo

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Light is the first consideration of the designers at Pablo Designs, even before form. Although, typically an afterthought, light should be the first consideration when designing your home workspace. 

The Talia Table Lamp by Pablo Designs is both smart and powerful. This is the perfect home office lamp. The glare-free flat light technology is designed for light control. Powerful because the element is dimmable and features 360° post rotation. Smart because the base of the lamp features wireless induction charging plus a USB port. The Talia is the only lamp at this price point to feature a wireless charging station. In addition, the Talia comes in six 

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Whether you are working from home or back in the office, your workspace can always be optimized. As you think about adding office accessories, ask yourself these questions: Will it make my space more productive? Will it make my space more inspiring? Will it make my space healthier? If the answer to any of these is yes, then go for it! 

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