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4 ways an office space makeover can save money

When it comes to updating the office space, many businesses choose to put off tackling this important task. For some, the effort and upfront costs may seem overwhelming. However, there’s great potential for return on investment that comes from giving your workspace a makeover. Here’s how you can save money with an office makeover:

1. Inspire productivity
An office makeover is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate how your layout promotes productivity among workers. For example, recent findings have revealed that an open office space plan may actually hinder productivity, according to The New Yorker. Adding offices or even basic, affordable cubicles can provide a greater sense of privacy and reduce distractions among employees. In many cases, a combination of open and closed spaces may be more suitable. With the help of a space planner, you can figure out the best way to use your office to encourage productivity.

A seating area for guests to relax in can help make the office more inviting and welcoming.A seating area for guests to relax in can help make the office more inviting and welcoming.

2. Create a more inviting workplace
The changes you make to the office space aimed at inspiring productivity and creativity also work to make it a more inviting environment. This may seem like an unnecessary factor in the workplace, but a more pleasing setting can benefit the business – the more comfortable workers feel in the space, the more time they’ll want to spend there. A makeover project gives you the opportunity to provide the office with some much-needed brightening up. Work with an office space planner trained in interior design to select colors that enhance mood – blues tend to have a calming effect, whereas greens and yellows can instill a more upbeat temperament.

“Work with a space planner to select colors that enhance mood.”

More appealing office furnishings can also make a huge difference – a cozy sofa and artwork on the walls can make guests, such as clients and prospective new employees, feel more comfortable and welcome. Additionally, having a few memorable pieces can give guests something to remember from their visit. For instance, the Herman Miller line of Swoop Lounge furniture has a unique shape and comes in eye-catching colors.

3. Take the opportunity to go green
An office makeover gives you the chance to integrate environmentally-friendly changes – installing larger windows to cut down on energy consumption and, in effect, costs is just one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Even if you don’t install larger windows, you can work with an office planner to come up with ways to best utilize the windows you already have. For example, placing desks closer to windows can provide brighter workspaces and cut down the need to turn on lighting fixtures.

You might also install mirrors to provide reflective surfaces that carry sunlight throughout the space. Using compact fluorescent light bulbs is also a wise decision, as these use significantly less energy and last much longer.

Bright open windows can reduce the need for artificial light, reducing your energy consumption and costs.Bright open windows can reduce the need for artificial light, reducing your energy consumption and costs.

4. Improve functionality and efficiency
When you update the layout of your office, you can change the look and feel of the space to meet the specific needs of your business. An efficient design should group workers together according to their roles in the business. For instance, it may make sense to have your accounting and purchasing teams in one cluster so they can more easily meet and consult. It’s also wise to consider where workers are placed relative to office equipment – some departments may need greater access to the copier and should be located closer to the machine.

These changes may seem small, but they can make a big difference. Making your office environment more conducive to efficiency can significantly reduce the amount of time lost in the workday, and it can put employees in a more efficient mindset.

These are just some of the ways in which an office makeover can help a business not only save money but increase the potential for profits. Updating your office space is not as costly or time-consuming as you might think. In fact, Office Designs clients who purchase from our line of high-end furnishings receive office planning services at no extra cost.

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