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4 benefits of working with an office space planner

Whether you're designing a workspace from scratch or renovating an office, creating a space that encourages productivity among employees and is comfortable for clients and customers can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also be quite overwhelming, which is why here at Office Designs, we have expanded our office furnishing solutions to offer space planning services to clients purchasing from our selection of high-end furniture. Consider these ways that using the services of a space planning professional can benefit your business:

Aligns workspace with business goals
Your office space design should be conducive to the objectives of your organization. For instance, a newsroom may be best suited for an open office to encourage collaboration, whereas a call center may need many cubicles in order to minimize outside noise during calls. An office planner will look at the entire organization, including the office procedures, workflow and technology requirements, to customize the layout so that it best suits the company culture and working processes.

Helps maximize space
A decade ago, offices were filled with bulky furniture necessary to support cumbersome technology – think deep monitors and massive computer towers. However, bigger is no longer better but rather a waste of space in the modern office. An office planning professional can ensure that you're making the most of the room available. For example, the Office Designs planner may suggest one of the Herman Miller pieces, which manage to be stylish, durable and versatile.

The Herman Miller collectionThe Herman Miller collection features the Resolve System with Tu Storage, which can save space in small offices.

Can improve employee productivity
Reorganizing your workspace has the potential to boost productivity among staff, and using office planning services can help make this possible. A more visually appealing, comfortable office that incorporates ergonomics can significantly improve performance. Additionally, a planning professional can boost efficiency by enhancing communication in the office – making the right changes to the layout can help group relevant teams closer together for easier sharing of information and ideas.

As of late, word has been spreading among the office space design industry that the open-plan workplace may be stifling productivity. This revelation comes from findings from research conducted by Ipsos and the Steelcase Workspace Futures team, which found that many employees in these settings seek more privacy to conduct day-to-day tasks at a faster, more efficient pace. A space planner can help companies with open-plan offices find innovative solutions to this problem and provide staff with the right balance of interaction and privacy.

"Reorganizing your workspace can boost productivity among staff."

Saves time and money
Office space design can be an arduous and taxing endeavor, particularly for medium and small-sized businesses that don't have the means and in-house resources for a team of interior designers. Utilizing the services of an office space planner can speed up the design process, which translates to money savings while minimizing stress on executives and office administrators. The planner may also help reduce the amount of wasted space, which can save you an expensive move to a larger office in the future.

While the initial cost of revamping an office may seem high, reconfiguring has the potential for an impressive return on investment – it can help improve business in a variety of ways, from saving space that can allow for expansion to promoting efficiency among employees. With Office Designs, the endeavor is even more affordable, as all clients purchasing furniture can take advantage of planning services at no additional cost. Call 877-790-6668 to speak to a member of the Office Designs team and begin the space planning process.

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