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Make Office Spring Cleaning an Event

When it comes to spring cleaning at the office, the prospect of getting the whole team on board for a deep clean may be daunting. Regardless of rules related to office clutter, we all know some personalities may struggle more than others to keep a tidy workspace, and the idea of a cleaning day may energize one team member while overwhelming another. 

But with a little planning on the front end, your office spring cleaning event can prove a success for all involved. 

Office Spring Cleaning
Organizational strategies are as unique as your team members.

Covering All the Bases

Every member of your team likely has a different approach to organization. Some may opt for “organized piles,” some may lean more toward the “everything has a place” method, and you may also have the “organized chaos” or even just plain “chaos” folks on your team. Organizational strategies are as unique as your team members, and each group may have specific needs. We recommend:

  • Asking ahead of time about needs for organizational tools. Perhaps your “organized pile” people need a magazine rack or paper tray to keep things tidy, while still readily accessible on their desktop. Maybe there’s a new hire that somehow never got a waste basket and has to make inefficient trips to other workspaces just to toss their coffee cup. Asking beforehand will ensure everyone has what they need to achieve their organizational goals.
  • Finding out if anyone needs help. There’s no shame in being a little disorganized. Some of us just aren’t programmed to be tidy (and maybe that’s for the better; countless articles claim messy people are often some of the most creative — and we need those creatives!). If you have people on both ends of the spectrum — messy and super tidy — there’s a chance your tidy folks may need less time to organize. They may be able to spend a portion of their cleaning day offering advice and guidance to those who are less organizationally inclined.
  • Getting rid of paper clutter. In an all-digital world, there is often still a need for paper in the workplace. Do you have particular policies in place regarding how long certain files must be kept? Make sure to send those details out as a reminder in advance of spring cleaning. Additionally, ensure you have plenty of recycle and/or shred bins available for the anticipated increase in paper waste.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting. We’ve all been there — you move a few things on your desk only to find a ring of dust or other unidentifiable funk. Have plenty of easy-to-use, disposable supplies on hand, such as disinfecting wipes, disposable dusters, paper towels, and glass cleaner. 
  • Bringing in lunch and taking a break as a team. By having everyone tidying up at the same time, you reduce the risk of team members interrupting one another’s days with the distraction of rustling around the office. Turn on some music, enjoy a meal together, and — as much as you are able — let clients know that you’ll be offline for a couple of hours. Not only does this make cleaning day a team effort, it may even make it a little fun. 
Herman Miller Living Office
Make the clean up a collaborative project everyone can enjoy!

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