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Is Working From Home Here To Stay?

As the lines between work and home continue to blur, we are beginning to realize a powerful change in the structure of our workforce. The push by our employers and governments to work from home is a grand global experience that will forever change the way we get things done. Often, radical changes produce positive, albeit, unexpected process and lifestyle improvements.  

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a grand experiment testing the concept of working from home. I think many industries have discovered that there are many advantages to having a home based team. 

home ofice
Home and office are forced to meet.

Here at Office Designs, we are a digital company for the most part. During this time of social distancing our work model has changed significantly as it has for so many industries. However, these changes will likely last long past the threat of Covid-19. Below is a list of valuable lessons we have learned from this unprecedented period of self-quarantine. 

Employer/Employee Preferences and Operational Costs

As with so many business models, our core work structure has always been based around a required office place presence. For decades and decades, Americans have been required to report to the office to perform their daily duties. However, as technology continues to improve, fewer and fewer of our work responsibilities are necessarily tied to a physical location. Many members of our team have discovered that they are much more productive working from home. In their home offices, they can work without the distraction of others moving about, distracting conversations, and on the fly meetings. Of course, this isn’t true for all of our team members. Some folks really enjoy and thrive in an active collaborative work environment. 

Consider this, if we were able to reduce our office space overhead by thirty percent, that would represent a significant annual savings. Coupled with the increased productivity experienced as a result of working from home makes relaxing the mandatory office based work policy a no brainer.

office collaboration
Face to face collaboration will always be a part of business.

Hiring Pool and Talent

In the tech industry, depending on your location, it can be quite challenging to match the right people with the demands of your organization. This is especially true in smaller cities in the South and Midwest. However, if you create policies that support home-based employees, the talent pool available increases exponentially. 

Offering candidates the opportunity to work from home allows your organization to open up a national or international position search. In addition, the candidate you select for the open position is not required to uproot their families and relocate.  This one factor, above all others, reduces the stress of starting a new position, which is already stressful enough.  

What’s Next for Office Designs

Right now we are still in the experimental phase of this work space transformation but here is quick summary of lessons we have learned so far. 

  • Many team members are more focused and productive when working from home.
  • The right technology can make managing a home based team not only possible but also easy.
  • The option from home eliminates common staff frustrations like finding child care and commuting from the suburbs. 
  • Less physical infrastructure creates a significant cost savings for organizations.
  • The option to work from home opens up a much larger talent pool available for hire.
  • New hires can transition into their new position much more easily without having to buy and sell houses during relocation. 

It is exciting to think about the new business models that will be developed as home bound orders are lifted across the country. We probably will never bee 100% home based but it’s impossible to imagine a complete return to the business model that completely disintegrated in late February.

Leave us a comment and let us know how your organization is adapting to required work from home orders. Stay healthy!

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