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4 Fun Pieces of Furniture to Liven Up a Dull Office

4 Fun Pieces of Furniture to Liven Up a Dull Office

Worried your office is too humdrum? Though the classics are, well, classic, a touch of the extraordinary can bring an average office to life. The following four pieces of furniture are the perfect antidotes to cubicle fever. Add any one of these functional conversation-starters to your office space, and you and your employees are sure to be wowed:


Take a break from the stress and spin in the Magis® Spun Chair.

1. Magis® Spun Chair

This chair lives at the corner of wonder and comfortability. Shaped almost like a spinning top, the Magis® Spun Chair gives the impression it’s going to offer a topsy-turvy ride. However, once you’re seated, the weight of the chair and your body work together to create a stable, controllably turnable seat. The shape makes this chair wonderfully comfortable, and the interesting design means it a great pick for a front lobby or guest chair.


You don’t have to sit still in the Turnstone’s Buoy.

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2. Turnstone Buoy

The Turnstone Buoy stool was designed for office workers on the go. If your employees work in collaborative groups and are frequently moving from space to space, this stool is the perfect seating solution for your work style. Made to be quickly and easily adjustable, this small stool works well for groups of all heights. Its small, modular design allows it to fit into nearly any office style, and its wide variety of color options instantly bring a pop of life to monochromatic spaces.


Let the inspiration start flowing with the Turnstone Campfire Paper Table.

3. Turnstone Campfire Paper Table

Creative workers will love the Turnstone Campfire Paper Table, which is made with imaginative people in mind. This table was created under a simple principle: Inspiration doesn’t live on a schedule. With this table, you can easily jot down notes even if you don’t have a piece of paper on you – the tabletop itself is a writing surface. You can get the tabletop with either refillable paper sheets, or as an erasable whiteboard. Either way, you’ll never be stuck searching for a place to jot down your brilliant realizations when this is around.


Humanscale Ballo is a fun collaborative stool that keeps you bouncing and moving.

4. Humanscale Ballo

The Ballo multipurpose stool offers all of the posture benefits of a balance ball with a touch more stability. The curved design requires sitters to keep themselves upright, but the seat is firm enough that you won’t have to worry about rolling off by mistake. The domes come in a variety of colors, so you can easily match this chair to any office’s look. Build core strength and boost your office’s feel all at once!

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