The Best Ergonomic Office Stools 2022

There are two categories of office stools ergonomic office stools and side stools. A side stool is typically chair height. Most side stools are not height adjustable. They are lightweight and easy to move. Side stools are designed to be pull-up, collaborative seating. They are perfect for creative conversations in front of a single monitor. Ergonomic office stools are designed to sustain long periods of work. They are adjustable and ergonomically sound.

Ergonomic office stools are perfect for drafting tables, height-adjustable desks, and standing height conference tables. A good ergonomic office stool should have all the adjustment features of an office chair. The main difference between the two is the high-end height. When the chair is fully raised, the user’s feet will not touch the ground. This makes the footrest solution an important consideration.

In this post, I will review five best-selling ergonomic office stools. But don’t worry I will also give a little love to my favorite side stools as well. Here we go.

The Think Stool by Steelcase

The Think Office Stool

This is the stool version of the best-selling think chair. Simplicity is the secret behind the success of Think products. The integrated LiveBack adjusts automatically to provide ergonomic support and you move. This stool also features a weight-activated seat which provides perfect support. Although the Think Stool is simple you don’t have to sacrifice adjustability. The Think can be customized with fully adjustable arms and adjustable lumbar support. This stool includes the innovative Buzz 2 upholstery with so many color options. The Think Stool is relatively lightweight but incredibly durable. Priced in the middle of the pack, the Think offers a lot of bang for the buck.

The Mirra 2 Stool, Butterfly Back by Herman Miller

The Mirra 2 Office Stool

The Mirra 2 is a very close but less well-known relative of the Aeron Chair/Stool. The Mirra 2 office stool is infinitely adjustable. It’s the personalized ergonomics that really make this stool stand out. The arms are fully adjustable. The stool has a very intuitive lumbar mechanism known as the loop spine. The Mirra 2 comes standard with a tilt limiter and seat angle adjustments. And finally, the seat depth is adjustable. This stool is designed for everybody. The Mirra 2 falls on the higher end of the cost spectrum. It’s an investment and worth every penny.

The Series 1 Stool by Steelcase

Series 1 Office Stool

The Series 1 Office Stool is an incredible ergonomic stool that is budget-friendly. This is our value choice office stool. It’s a good value yes, but without sacrificing quality. This stool really is the real deal. In fact, CNN voted the Series 1 office chair the best office chair of the year in 2020 and 2021. This stool is fully adjustable, lightweight, and built to last. The Series 1 has a slim profile and is perfect for a small office space. Features of Series 1 include Integrated LiveBack Technology, 4D adjustable arms, adaptive bolstering seat cushion, weight-activated adjustment, and full back angle and back tension adjustability. If you need to stretch your budget, this is the best option.

The Aeron Stool by Herman Miller

Aeron Office Stool

Just as the Aeron office chair is an industry legend, the Aeron office stool is as well. The secret to Aeron’s success is human-centric design. That and cutting-edge technology. The Aeron office stool is the Aeron chair built for working at high counters or drafting tables.

This office stool includes Herman Miller’s patented Pellicle suspension and PostureFit SL back support. These features position the back perfectly to open the chest positioning the shoulders back and the pelvis tilted just slightly forward. This positioning supports long hours of pain-free seated work. The Aeron office stool also includes fully adjustable arms, adjustable seat height, adjustable seat depth, and full recline. Best of all the Aeron office stoom includes an adjustable footrest!

The Aeron office stool is sold with a 12-year full warranty and will arrive at your house fully assembled. The breathable mesh fabric promotes airflow to keep you comfortable while you work. Although the Aeron is on the higher end of our price range, this stool is the creme de la creme of office stools. Your great grandkids will sit on this stool.

The QiVi Stool by Steelcase

QiVi Office Stool

The QiVi is our non-traditional office stool selection. The Qivi is the best stool for a dynamic collaborative workspace. This stool was designed for conference rooms and group meeting rooms. The QiVi was designed with a gliding seat and a pivoting backrest. The features adjust automatically as the user moves. This creates a dynamic work experience that actually encourages movement. This supported movement promotes comfort for hours of work or discussion.

The QiVi is lightweight compared to most office stools. This makes it easy to move from place to place quickly and easily. Movement and interaction are at the heart of this office stool.

All five of the office stools featured are fantastic. The two most important things to consider are your budget and your body type. Ergonomic office tools are worth the investment. A good stool will last a lifetime and protect your body from long-term injury.

As promised, I have reviewed two of my favorite side stools below. These are a great addition to any office space.

The Ballo Stool by Humanscale

The Ballo Stool

The Ballo Stool is a playful and dynamic office side stool. The Ballo is made for spontaneous collaboration and short sitting assignments. The design of the stool supports movement and active seated work. This stool is colorful and easy to move with a single hand. If you need to have a quick chat or brainstorm with associates, simply grab the Ballo and place it where you like. No dragging in another office stool or chair.

The Ballo, like many of Humanscale’s side stools, is Living Product Certified. This means the manufacturing process has been certified as net positive. The Ballo is climate, water, and energy positive. Just another great reason to love this stool.

The Buoy Stool by Steelcase

The Buoy Stool

The Buoy Stool is another great active work stool. This stool is designed to rock and wobble while you work. The Buoy naturally engages the legs and the core while you sit. The Buoy, unlike the Ballo, is height adjustable. Simply adjust the stool height with a lift of a handle.

The Buoy can also be customized with hundreds of color combinations. You can order the Buoy in your company’s colors or the colors of your favorite sports team. Or, match the Buoy perfectly with the decor of your home office!

Like the Ballo, the Buoy is lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place. This stool is a great way to prevent soreness associated with long hours of sitting in the same position.

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