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Sit Stand Desks and Converters, Our Favorite Five

As your home office begins to really take shape, it just might be time to consider a desk converter or a height adjustable desk. Desk converters and height adjustable desks allow you to easily change your work position from seated to standing. Research shows that standing several times during your work day can really improve the circulation in your legs and help prevent lower back issues that stem from long hours of seated work. Below we have put together a resource for you if you are considering a height adjustable work surface. When we set out to name our top five, we considered quality, durability, value, ease-of-use, and ergonomic design. I hope you find these recommendations to be helpful. If you do have any questions or would like to talk to a home office expert, please give us a call at 877-774-3165.

The Balance Height Adjustable Desk by Smarter OfficeThe Balance Desk is the definition of simplicity. It is absolutely everything a height adjustable needs to be. This desk checks all of the boxes, it is durable, quiet, sturdy, and adjusts easily. In addition, the Balance Desk is backed by a 10 year warranty. This desk is a keeper.

Not only does the Balance desk check all the boxes, it’s also one of the most affordable full sized height adjustable desks on the market. The Balance Desk is available in white or walnut. The desktop is built to handle a load, supporting 125 lbs.

Airtouch Standing Desk by Steelcase – The Airtouch has long been the industry standard for height adjustable desks. Simply put, the Airtouch is the bar for product performance that has never been successfully matched. Steelcase has been making trend setting, high-performance office furniture for decades and the Airtouch is one of their best products. 

The Airtouch is incredibly durable, and silently adjusts with the touch of a button. The Air touch is electric- free which allows this desk to be freestanding without requiring an outlet. This desk is designed to support heavy loads such as monitor arms and multiple monitors. This really is an heirloom piece that will be in the family for generations.

QuickStand Eco by Humanscale – The first thing you should know is that Humanscale makes fantastic office furniture. They lead the office furniture in both ergonomics and innovation. The QuickStand Eco is a perfect example of Humanscale’s focus on engineering, ergonomics and quality. The QuickStand Eco is our best-selling desk converter. 

The QuickStand Eco is simple to set up, portable, and adjusts effortlessly. This desk converter seamlessly converts an ordinary stationary workstation into a healthy and active office space.

passage desk converter

Passage Desk Converter by Smarter Office – The Passage Desk Converter ads the sit stand flexibility of a height adjustable desk to virtually any flat working surface at a fraction of the cost. The Passage is perfect for a kitchen or dining room table, a stationary desktop, and even a kitchen countertop. The Passage allows you to quickly and effortlessly change position from sitting to standing. In addition, the Passage Desk Converter is lightweight and can be moved from place to place with ease. Best of all, the Passage ships fully assembled and requires no tools for set up!

The Passage Desk Converter is backed by a 2 year warranty and is a quick ship item and available for free front door delivery. If you need to stretch your budget, this is the desk converter for you.

kronos desk by bdi

The Kronos Lift Desk by BDI – The Kronos is the Cadillac of height adjustable desks. It is everything you have ever wanted in a desk plus three full buckets of style. But, with such awesomeness, comes a large price tag. However, if money is no object the Kronos Lift Desk is just what the doctor ordered. 

The unique design features silky smooth work surfaces accented with beautiful walnut. This beautiful desk brings together ergonomics, engineering, and elegant design in perfect harmony. The Kronos Lift Desk is a transformative piece for any office space. In addition to high-style, the Kronos adjusts with the push of a button. The motor is quiet but powerful. And, assembly is so simple! This will be the last desk you ever buy. 

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