Home Office Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed, Until Now

If you have recently started working from home, chances are you are uncovering weaknesses in your home office set up each and every day. We often take for granted the productivity tools we have in our office space that are not included in our home office set up. However, if you are facing a long term or even permanent working from home scenario, you may want to optimize your home office space for both comfort and productivity. Below you will find our home office set up punch list. These are all high quality products that will keep you comfortable, organized, and productive. Also, if you ever have any questions about the specifications of any of our products or if you are in need of expert advice in selecting the right products for your space please reach out to one of our home office experts by phone at 1-877-790-4043.

Float Desk by Humanscale
  1. The Float Standing Desk by Humanscale – Many studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing throughout is not only great for productivity but also keeps your body healthy and pain free. The Float Desk makes the transition from seated work to standing work seamless and easy. The Float desk has no slow motors or manual cranks. Instead, you can quickly adjust the height of the desk with one hand and zero effort. This desk has a clean aesthetic that compliments any home workspace. In addition, the Float Desk has ample foot and leg room while in the seated position. Humanscale has designed and manufactures the Float desk according to their stringent sustainable manufacturing guidelines, incorporating predominantly recycled steal into the units construction. The Float dest is designed and constructed for long term functionality. This is the last desk you will ever need to purchase for your home office. 
  2. The Beaming Lamp by The Smarter Office – Good lighting is one key to productivity. The Beaming Lamp is the perfect choice for the home office because it is inexpensive, streamlined , and provides high intensity focused light. In addition the Beaming Lamp is modern and sleek in style, sure to not only brighten but also upgrade the design aesthetic of your home office. The unique shape and metal accents of the Beaming Lamp by Smarter Office is one of a kind. 
  3. The Prominent High-Back Task Chair with Syncro-Tilt by HON – HON has been dispelling the myth that high quality task chairs need to be ultra-expensive for years. The Prominent High-Back Task Chair is proof positive of this concept. This chair is well known for its ergonomic design and high quality construction. The sleek minimalistic design of this task chair make it the perfect solution for any home office. HON stakes their reputation on really understanding their customers needs. All of their office chairs are built for long-term durability and extraordinary performance. The Prominent High-Back Task Chair features syncro-tilt, height and width adjustable arms, hard castors, tilt tension control, tilt lock, 360-degree swivel, and pneumatic seat height adjustment. 
  4. The Rocking Foot Rest by Humanscale – A below desk foot rest is something you may have never deemed essential, that is until you have one. Did you know that dynamically adjusting the angle position of your feet while sitting can reduce and even eliminate lower back pain? In addition, rocking you feet while doing seated work improves circulation. The Rocking Foot Rest offers stable yet dynamically adjustable adjustable foot support, non-skid inset pads, and a powder coated tubular steel frame. Humanscale is an award-winning ergonomic product manufacturer that was founded on the premise of designing and creating products for the human body. 
  5. The Workplace Dual Monitor Arm by HON – If you are still working with a single monitor, it’s about time to make the leap to dual monitors! Dual monitors can really increase productivity and make your desk look really cool. The Workplace Tools Dual Monitor Arm by HON is a great place to start. This great dual monitor arm displays and moves each screen independently on a single mount. You can easily swivel each monitor into the perfect position for your working height. The Workplace Dual Monitor Arm is constructed from aluminum alloy making it lightweight but incredibly durable. It holds two flatscreen monitors on a single base and comes standard with two USB ports. 
humanscale float table

You can be just as comfortable and productive working from a home office but it is important to get all the best tools in place. The list above is just the tip of the iceberg. Spend a few minutes browsing our online store. You might be surprised how many great tools you will find to enhance your home office set up. And remember, if you have any questions at all our home office experts are standing by waiting for your call – 877-790-4043. Talk to you soon!

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