Design Your Home Office for Under $1000

If you read the title of this article and immediately thought “that’s not possible…” We are excited to say we’re going to prove you wrong! It is possible to have a budget-friendly, yet gorgeous and functional home office. Today, we’re recommending four must-haves for your home office that will still allow you to stay within a reasonable $1000 budget.

the verve task chair by th esmarter office

First Up: The Verve Desk Chair
The Verve Desk Chair by The Smarter Office is the perfect addition to any office space. We love its simplified design and the fact that it’s built for both modern style and extreme comfort. The Verve Chair has a number of features, such as adjustable arms at the push of a button, a cooling mesh back, and easy assembly, just to name a few.

The Passage desk converter by the smarter Office

Our Sit/Stand Secret: The Passage Desk Converter
Another staple piece for any home office is the Passage Desk Converter by The Smarter Office. It’s dark grey and will easily match any desk you have, whether it’s a lighter or darker color. You don’t need a fancy (or pricey) electric desk to go from sitting to standing effortlessly. The Passage Desk Converter slides easily into multiple different positions in a single, quiet motion.

The Moxie File Cabinet by the Smarter Office

Organize in Style: The Moxie File Pedestal
Available in black and white, the Moxie File Pedestal by The Smarter Office combines functionality and durability to create the ideal organizational tool. What separates this file pedestal from others is its simple design, mobility, and security. It was curated specifically for home offices like yours built around simplicity, function, and style. This is definitely one of our favorite home office products! The Smarter Office is ahead of the game.

The vivid lamp by the Smarter Office

Let There Be Light: The Vivid Lamp
We love the stylish Vivid Lamp by The Smarter Office and how it instantly brightens any room. Its unique shape will act as a fun conversation piece for your space, serving as both a functional and design-forward addition. The Vivid Lamp’s orange, metal body makes it scratch-resistant, while its gold accents give a touch of elegance. We are also a fan of its easy-to-hide translucent wiring.

Tying the Four Pieces Together
White or light grey walls would serve as a nice contrast to the darker tones of the Verve Desk Chair and Passage Desk Converter. To add a fun complement to the orange tones of the Vivid Lamp, consider an accent wall in a shade of light blue behind your desk. The Moxie File Pedestal in white will contrast nicely with the dark furniture, and adding a patterned, orange rug, along with some orange and blue pillows would take your space to the next level.

The Smarter Office

Have questions about the items above or need some advice about furnishing your home office? Give us a shout. We’re here to help! 

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