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The Secret To Getting The Best Deal On Desk Chairs

The Secret To Getting The Best Deal On Desk Chairs

If you’re looking to get the best deal on desk chairs and office furniture you’re not alone. Finding the best deal can be a challenge, that’s why we’ve put together some of the best-kept secrets to saving you money on your next office furniture purchase. Pay attention to learn these secret industry tips:

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Manufacturer always have annual sales around the holiday (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via / CC BY)

1. The Best Deals Are Often During Holidays

Many manufacturers offer annuals or closeout deals during peak shopping times, and a lot of these fall on major holidays like Christmas, Labor Day, the Fourth of July or President’s Day. It might be worth it to mark your calendar for one of these shopping events, especially if you are looking to make a sizeable purchase. Simply buying many desk chairs during these dates could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your office furniture purchase.

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Price doesn’t necessarily mean quality. ( / CCO)

2. The Priciest Chairs Aren’t Always the Best Option

Office chairs don’t have to be a drain on your wallet. There are plenty of affordable office chair options that get the job done just as well as the pricier models. And, almost all of the chairs offered from Office Designs can cater to offices large and small. Although you will still need to keep a focus on quality and sustainability, there are many companies that value both and still work within in budget.

Iconic Aeron Chair Remastered

Good design matters (Herman Miller®).

3. Good Design Matters

Good design doesn’t just mean that chairs look nice. You must also factor in issues like sustainability and space planning with your chairs (depending on your square footage). You must also pick chairs that incorporate form and function in order to get the best possible deal – after all, just because a chair looks great doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best option for your workers. Also, it’s important to think about issues like health and wellness when selecting chairs. Many models are now manufactured with ergonomic design and sustainability features so workers have back support throughout the day. These simple design features could make a world of difference in the long-term health of your workers.

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4. Shop Clearance or Refurbished Office Seating

When it comes to higher quality office furniture brands like Herman Miller or Steelcase, many manufacturers refurbish used chairs and resell them at a fraction of the price. These desk chairs are still in great condition and often come with extended warranties making them a great investment for those who want the best office furniture on a tighter budget. Check out Office Design Outlet for refurbished and clearance furniture.


The best deals are often found on the phone. ( / CC0)

5. Calling Often Gets You The Best Deal

When you’re ready to buy, often the best deals are always found on the phone. Product specialists can understand your situation, discuss volume needs, and work with you on price. If you need more guidance on purchasing desk chairs or need to work within a budget, a representative from Office Designs can guide you every step of the way and ensure you get the best possible deal anywhere.

Give Office Designs Product Specialist a call at 888.485.1044.

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