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4 Exciting Office Design Trends Changing The Way We Work

4 Exciting Office Design Trends Changing The Way We Work

Neocon is all about the future of the office. It’s the office furniture industry’s premier event and hundreds of manufacturers come together to showcase their vision of the future of workspaces. From office design trends to new office furniture that promise to improve the spaces we work in. Neocon 2016 didn’t disappoint. Take a look at these 5 exciting and inspirational office design trends transforming how we work.

Part 2 of our 3 part series on Neocon 2016. If you missed part 1, you can read it here: 8 Interior Design Trends Transforming Our Lives

1: Engagement & Well-Being

Overwhelmingly, workers are rejecting the uninspiring “sea of sameness” that has come to be known as the office. Research shows people don’t perform well in the old stark and segmented work environments. Because of this, manufacturers have shifted towards creating office furniture and workspaces that are focused on people and their engagement and well-being while at work.

2. Smart & Connected Spaces

Computers, cellphones, and tablets are an essential part of business life. Now office furniture manufacturers are stepping up to support those devices by integrating supportive technology in to furniture itself. Mobile phone are getting wireless charging stations on lamps and in desks surfaces. Laptops are getting storage bays under workstations with custom combination locks. Windows are getting digital display privacy screens and so on. Even space reservation systems connect to your smartphone to support the flexible work life in offices.

3. Versatility & Adaptability

Today’s global economic environment requires businesses be flexible and adaptable to remain competitive. To meet this new demand for configurability, manufacturers  have been showing many configurable products. Bivi Collection by Turnstone continues to mature with new features, while Herman Miller introduces their first line modular furniture, Plex Lounge.

4. Height-Adjustable Work Surfaces

The movement is still in full-swing with every major manufacturer showcasing height-adjustable work surfaces again this year. Everything from desk add-ons like Humanscale’s Quickstand and new Quickstand Lite to full-size executive desks with built in adjustment-height like IXY by JSI.

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