4 Items Every College Student Needs to be Successful

4 Items Every College Student Needs to be Successful

When students are away at school they need to find ways to get into a productive headspace. To do that, you need a space dedicated to focus and the furniture to support it. Here are four pieces of furniture every student needs to study like a champ:


A personal table maximizes space.

A personal table, like the Steelcase Campfire, can help students maximize space.

1. Work Surface

Though many dorm rooms come with a desk, if you’re living at home or in your own apartment, you’ll need a place to do your coursework. Many students settle for working in their beds or on their couches, but avoid falling into this trap. Though they may seem easier than getting your own desk, these shortcuts will come back to haunt you in the long run.

Couches make it hard to settle into a productive state of mind, since you mainly use them for relaxing and watching television. Working in your bed is even worse, as it will both be hard for you to focus where you snooze, and hard for you to sleep in your workspace.

Getting a great surface on which you can dive into your work can make all of the difference. A simple rectangular desk can do wonders for solo study time. Collaborating with group members? Consider the Herman Miller Flip Top Everywhere™ Table, which you can easily store away when you’re not using it.



It’s important to sit supported when studying for long hours. Steelcase Cobi Chair.

2. Desk Chair

Of course, a desk isn’t complete without a great ergonomic chair. A long study session in the wrong seat can leave you uncomfortable and constantly re-adjusting in your seat. Not only will this make it harder to focus but it can also make breaking open the books less appealing. The proper ergonomic desk chair is the single most important piece of furniture to invest in. For ergonomic basics consider the the Cobi Chair by Steelcase is a sturdy, comfortable option that can get you through hours of reading or writing.  For the best in ergonomic support that won’t break the bank consider the Herman Miller Sayl® Chair.

Read more about the benefits of an ergonomic chair.


Task lights help reduce a students eye strain when lighting conditions aren’t ideal.

3. Task Light

Sharing a room with other students? If so, there’s a very real chance you’ll need to study while someone else needs to sleep. Fortunately, task lights can help you brighten up a specific part of the room while your roommate dozes. The Koncept Equo Desk Lamp is just the desk accessory for anyone in this position. Its targeted light will shine only where you point it, and it’s adjustable with just one finger touch. With a multi-touch dimmer you’re sure to get just the right amount of illumination for some late-night cramming.

Read more about the importance of lighting in your workspace.

Prevent neck and eye strain with a monitor arm.

Students can prevent neck and eye strain with a monitor arm.

4. Monitor Arm

Many students underestimate the importance of good posture while sitting. However, hours spent leaning over a book or computer screen can have a serious impact on your neck and back. With a monitor arm, however, you can cut down on your time spent hunched over. Not only will an arm raise your monitor up so your head is facing forward, but it’s also adjustable. This means you can move it over to the side, higher or lower – whatever works best for the task at hand. Check out the Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm. This option is scalable and highly customizable, so no matter what your setup requires, you can make this arm work.

With the proper tools and dedicated workspace you’ll be able to focus on school and be successful.

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