Chair Expertise You Can Trust: Herman Miller Certified Technicians

Chair Expertise You Can Trust: Herman Miller Certified Technicians

As with any major purchase, choosing the right retailer is important. All too often we focus solely on the price of the product without giving full consideration to value propositions like warranty and repair services. When you purchase a high-quality piece of furniture you’re likely planning on keeping it for many years. But what if breaks down or wears out? Replacing such an investment piece can cost much more than repairing it. That’s where warranties and certified repair technicians can help save you money.


No matter the condition, if its under warranty our certified technicians will repair it for free.

Why Does a Warranty Matter?

A warranty is like a promise from the manufacturer. They feel confident in their product enough that they will promise to repair anything at their cost for certain period of time. The longer the warranty the more confident they are that their products will hold up. But no matter how high quality a product is or how well you take care of it, sometimes things just break. Like any major investment, sometimes repairs can be costly. That’s why it is important to factor warranties into your purchasing decision.

What is a Certified Technician and Repair Center?

Certified Repair Centers, like Office Designs, are businesses that have been authorized by the manufacturer to perform warranty repairs on their product. Certified Technicians are specialists who have gone through the proper training and certification and are authorized to repair and restore your product back to its original condition. What that means for you is that your chair is in the best of hands.

An Authorized Herman Miller Retailer

New Manufacturer Parts and 29-Point Inspections

Office Designs has parts on hand from every major manufacturer in stock to ensure a quick, thorough fix for any product that needs a tune-up. If an item is under warranty, we will diagnose the problem through a 29-point inspection, and fix the issue free of charge. Office Designs works with new parts delivered straight from the manufacturer, which means technicians will conduct their repairs with the highest quality parts and materials available.

If you are unsure of which part to order – items vary from model to model even if they are from the same brand – a technician will assist you in finding the exact piece you require for the repair.

Consumers will also be able to ship their furniture to Office Designs for free if their item is still under warranty. If it isn’t, a technician will work swiftly to provide a reasonable cost estimate for the repair, in addition to providing advice on how to affordably ship their product to Office Designs.

More than 20 years of experience

Office Designs team members know it’s critical to have fully functioning office furniture that enhances your work environment, which is why their two decades of experience makes them an ideal choice for any and all of your repair needs to keep you running smoothly when it matters most.

Need a repair on your Herman Miller furniture? Visit our Warranty and Repair Services.

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