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Our Favorite Height Adjustable Desks

The Motia by Herman Miller

The Motia height adjustable desk by Herman Miller represents everything we are looking for in a sit-to-stand desk. Let’s first start with the manufacturer, Herman Miller. Herman Miller is a juggernaut in the world of ergonomic office furniture. They are know for the high design and fantastic quality of the furniture, office and residential alike. The Motia, is no exception. This height adjustable desk is designed for value and seamless integration into any office and home office setting.

The Motia desk is functional and very durable. The desktop is designed to support 250 pounds. The Motia desktop is sold in two sizes, 24′ by 48′ and 30′ by 72′. The sturdy aluminum base raises and lowers silently with the click of a switch. The glides under the feet are adjustable for quick, easy leveling on uneven floors.

Great value, great quality and a great warranty! The Motia height adjustable desk by Herman Miller check all the boxes.

The Whisper by The Smarter Office

The Whisper

When it comes to the Whisper Height Adjustable Desk, three words come to mind, value, quality, and, ease (as in ease of use). I will try to be impartial here but I must be transparent, I have the Whisper desk in my home office. I have been working at the Whisper for over 18 months.

Let’s start with value. The Whisper is priced on the lower end of the commercial grade height adjustable desks. However, this desk can hold its own against models in the two to three thousand range. The Whisper is very sturdy, primarily because of its simplicity. Its simplicity is the Whispers secret weapon. The Whisper desk is pneumatic, which means it does not require electricity. This also means the desk is not chained to an electrical outlet. It also means it costs much less than competitor models that are electric.

The raising and lowering of the desktop you to pull up on a lever underneath the right hand side of the desk. Once the lever is engaged, the desktop can be raised or lowered with just a little directional pressure. The desktop fixes into place once the lever is released. The set up is a snap and the quality is top notch. I set my desk up alone in about 20 minutes. The legs are solid light-weight steel and the desktop is pho-oak laminate. The legs come standard with adjustable leveling glides. You will live this desk!

The Balance by The Smarter Office

The Balance

The Balance height adjustable desk by The Smarter Office is the perfect cost effective choice for those seeking electric adjustable desks. Like the Whisper, the Balance features simplicity and value. Everything about this desk is streamlined, no wasted elements or fluff. The assembly of the Balance desk is quick and easy and can be done by one person in 30 minutes or less.

One of the best features of the Balance desk is its height range. The Balance desk adjusts from 22′ to 49′ which makes it our highest height adjustable desk. We recommend this desk to all customers over 6 feet tall. In addition, the Balance desk comes standard with a 10 year warranty. The Balance is perfect for the home office and the away office.

The Sequel 20 Lift Desk

The Sequel 20

Although the Sequel 20 Lift Desk is on the higher end of pricing, this is the desk of anyone striving to be the Master of Work! The Sequel 20 is long and strong and will absolutely last forever. So, if you happen to subscribe to r/BuyItForLife, then this is the desk for you. Buy it once and never again.

The Sequel 20 desktop offers 33′ by 66′ satin etched tempered glass surface and a carrying capacity of nearly 300 lbs. The Sequel was designed to be efficient with an emphasis on ergonomics. It includes an integrated cable management system designed to keep wires and cables organized and tucked neatly out of sight.

The Sequel’s digital keypad can be mounted on either the right or left side of the desk to suit the users individual needs. The desks programmable keypad can store up to four height settings. This desk is an great investment in the quality and future of your work!

QuickStand Eco by Humanscale

The Quickstand Eco

Although the Quickstand Eco in not technically a height adjustable desk, it makes just about any flat surface a height adjustable desk. We like to refer to products like this as desk converters. In fact, the Quickstand Eco is our best-selling desk converter. It truly is the next generation of mobile sit-stand solutions. And, the price is unbeatable!

The Quickstand Eco is sleek in design and adjusts effortlessly. It’s wellness on the go. The Quickstand features nearly 20 full inches of adjustability. It includes a innovative cable management system to keep your workspace clutter free. In addition, the Quickstand features Humanscale’s exclusive Continuous Force self locking system that keeps your workspace stable while you work. Humanscale manufactures the Quickstand using 100% sustainable and non-toxic materials. If your in the market for a desk converter, this just might be your perfect solution!

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