Top 5 LED Desk Lamps for 2022

Are you looking for a great LED desk lamp? You are in luck, LED lighting is standard these days. As this technology has improved, lighting design has shifted. The space required to produce the same amount of light has decreased. This change opened up a new world of opportunity for lighting designers.

LED stands for light emitting diode. These LEDs produce light as electrical current moves through a microchip. This method of light production can be up to 90% more efficient than light produced by an incandescent light bulb. Also, LEDs are designed with a heat sink so they do not heat up like conventional bulbs. This opens lighting designers up to new materials.

It goes without saying that the evolution of LED technology and lighting design are on parallel paths. Every year we are seeing new and innovative lighting designs released across every lighting category. LED desk lamps are no exception. Check out our five favorite LED desk lamps below!

The Talia Lamp by Pablo Designs

Talia LED Desk Lamp

We love the Talia Lamp for so many reasons. Let’s start with design. This LED desk lamp has a nice contemporary minimalist quality. It’s a perfect combination of form and function. The Talia wastes no time or energy. On your desk, the Talia is both attractive and inconspicuous. This lamp is a powerful solution for smaller workstations. This lamp is offered in a variety of colors and materials designed to work with just about any office aesthetic.

Now, let’s discuss function. The Talia’s light and shade components are designed to rotate 180degrees. The lamp post rotates 360 degrees. This allows you to perfectly adjust your lighting at any time of day. The lamp itself has a dimmable range of 10 – 100%. The Talia includes a six-hour inactivity timer designed to save energy when the lamp is not in use.

The base stand of the Talia is a wireless charger. Simply set wireless devices atop the stand for powerful wireless induction charging. This LED desk lamp is also sustainably produced and no hazardous materials are used during the manufacturing process. The LED lights in the Talia are designed to last for 50,000 hours. That’s about 25 years of normal daily use!

The Nova Task Light by Humanscale

Nova LED Desk Lamp

The Nova LED desk lamp offers incredible adaptability. Its sculptural design allows for endless adjustment. This desk lamp is designed with counterbalanced arms that are able to rotate 180 degrees. This feature offers effortless repositioning of the light field. Directional lighting like this is one of the most important ergonomic features of any office space.

The Nova LED desk lamp includes Humanscale’s patented “Forever Hinges” These hinges are designed to keep the counterbalanced arms in place without any slippage. The Nova also comes with simple touch dimmer controls that allow you to adjust your brightness with the touch of a finger. In fact, you can even set your personal brightness preferences!

This LED lamp is Energy Star certified, only requiring 7 watts to generate 440 lumens of light. The lighting quality is second to none. This light provides more than the recommended minimal desk illumination. In addition, the Nova comes standard with two USB ports and an optional wireless charging base. And, the Nova includes Smart Dimming technology that will turn off the light when no movement is detected at the desk. Now that’s pretty nice!

The Ode Desk Lamp by Herman Miller

Ode LED Desk Lamp

The Ode is our OG classic LED desk lamp. Designed by Kim Colin and Sam Hecht, the Ode has a classic desk lamp design with a mid-century modern flare. The design was inspired by street lighting common in the U.K. The Ode is minimal by design but powerful with anti-glare LEDs packed into the steel shade. The lamp shades surface consolidates and focuses the light providing excellent coverage.

The pools of diffused light emitted from the Ode are bright but gentle on the eyes protecting them from harsh glare. This lamp also comes with touch-control operation. Simply touch to turn on, dim, and turn off. Best of all, the Ode comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty so you can purchase it without worry. If you are looking for a classic design, the Ode LED desk lamp might be the one for you.

The Dash Task Light by Steelcase

Dash LED Desk Lamp

There are a lot of things to love about the Dash Task Light but the best is the incredible color assortment. Breaking away from the crowd, Steelcase offers the Dash in Scarlet, Wasabi, Blue Jay, Fuschia, and Canary as well as the standard black, gray, and white. If a color-cordinated office is a must, the Dash is your perfect LED desk lamp.

Outside of the great color offering, the Dash is a top-notch desk lamp. It’s everything you would expect from Steelcase including exceptional quality. In fact, the Dash was designed to improve the working environment. This lamp scores a 94 on the color rendering index which means you see true unfiltered color. And, the Dash presents optimal 3500K color temperature light which helps ease eye fatigue.

The Dask LED desk lamp also features adjustable dimming from 100% to 15% brightness. The clean lines and the fluid movement make the Dash beautiful and highly adjustable. The Dash is available in free-standing and rail mount models for perfect placement.

The Gravy Desk Lamp by Koncept

The Gravy LED Desk Lamp

The Gravy desk lamp definitely wins the design concept award and the simplicity award. But hold on, the Gravy also wins the sustainability award. The Gravy is constructed of American hardwood and recycled aluminum. The lamp’s LEDs contain no mercury and purchase is LEED credit eligible. The LED bulbs have a lifespan of 60,000 hours which is 20% longer than the industry standard. And, all paint is water-based!

But, let’s get back to the design. The American hardwood top bar slides directly into the recycled aluminum base. This slide adjustment feature is pure genius. Simply slide the light into the perfect position for your always-changing workspace. Or, rotate the top bar to change the projection angle of the lamp.

The Gravy features continuous touch dimming from 100% to 10% and only consumes 5.5 watts at full power. If you are looking for beauty and sustainability the Gravy LED desk lamp might just be the ticket! We love this lamp!

The Wrap

So there you have it, our favorite LED desk lamps for 2022-2023. Technology is getting better all the time. Pretty soon we’ll be pushing 80,000 hours of energy-efficient light production from our LEDs. If your looking for the best new LED desk lamps the above products are a great place to start! Here’s to great lighting!

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