How to Outfit Your Workspace for Pregnancy

Working in the office while pregnant can be tough. Not only are most women battling nausea, headaches, morning sickness, fatigue and other discomforts, women have to worry about how to stay active on a daily basis and how to work around that inevitably growing baby bump. Speaking from experience, I don’t know how I would have made it without the proper office set up.

5 Workplace Must-Haves for Pregnancy

Here are my 5 recommended office furniture products that will assist any pregnant woman in staying active and comfortable during the nine months of constant changes.

1. Ballo by Humanscale

Ballo is a great alternative when you need to get out of your ergonomic task chair. This fun seat/stool allows you to bounce and move while the legs add overall stability to prevent falling over or rolling away. It also helps to support better posture and balance. When you need more give in a seat that your regular office chair just isn’t giving you, pull out the Ballo and sit for a while.

Flexibility and movement are important while pregnant. Ballo can enable that.

2. FM300 Foot Rest by Humanscale

Get your feet moving for health and comfort with Humanscale’s FM300 Footrest. This foot rest not only promotes feet rocking and engagement of the lower leg muscles, it also has built-in adjustable foot massage therapy. What a relief for those sore, swollen feet!

Humanscale FM300 Foot Rest

Foot rests are great for taking the stress off swollen pregnant feet.

3. QuickStand by Humanscale

The QuickStand height-adjustable workstation allows you to easily go from sitting to standing and attaches to nearly any existing work-surface. This sit/stand product is a favorite by all employees and promotes health and wellness. You’ll continue loving the QuickStand long after your baby is born.

Humanscale Quickstand

Quickstand is a simple desk add-on that allows you add sit-stand versatility while your pregnant.

4. Get Fit Stand-Up Mat by The Andersen Company

Need some additional comfort while standing at your new QuickStand workstation? The Get Fit Stand-Up Anti-Fatigue Mat is a great option. Not only will it help to alleviate leg/feet tiredness, joint and back pain while standing, it has anti-static and slip resistance as well. Choose from 6 different colors.

Anderson's Get Fit Stand-Up Mat

Help reduce fatigue while standing

5. Keyboard Tray by Humanscale

As your mid-section continues to expand, you’ll find yourself sitting further and further away from your work surface. The Keyboard Tray is the perfect solution. It features a 15 degree negative tilt for wrist support and 22” standard track length to keep hidden under desk when not in use.

Humanscale Keyboard Tray

Swivels and pivots to adjust to your needs.

Not only are these 5 items a necessity during your pregnancy, they are also fantastic to have around postpartum.

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