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How To Create An Office Space Millennials Will Love

How To Create An Office Space Millennials Will Love

Millennials now make up the largest portion of the workforce in the U.S., according to the Pew Research Center. In 2015, there were more than 53 million millennial employees in the U.S., which means business owners need to start catering to this group’s preferences to attract top talent to their offices.

Here’s how to ensure your office is equipped to make even the coolest millennials clamor to come work for you:


Design Open Spaces That Foster Collaboration

Younger workers tend to be a talkative bunch that thrives on communicating with their fellow co-workers. Many millennials can’t stand the idea of toiling away in a private cubicle for eight hours a day without having easy access to others to brainstorm, ask questions or get help with something they’re working on.

This means managers need to create an office space that invites employees to visit one another and where collaboration is encouraged. For offices that are transitioning away from a traditional cubicle environment, an easy first step is lowering cubicle walls or replacing fixed walls with portable dividers, according to Milwaukee Business News. Businesses should strive to create an environment where employees feel allowed to freely talk to one another without judgment from others in the office. To do this, businesses should set aside a communal space such as a lounge where anyone can go to talk, bounce ideas off of one another, or simply relax for a minute, the source explained.

Pros And Cons Of An Open Workspace


But Workers Want Some Privacy Too

Although it’s critical to have an inviting and open atmosphere, there are going to be times when even the chattiest employees want to put their heads down and get some work done. Employees experience three different moods related to distraction: controlled attention, stimulus-driven attention, and rejuvenation.

Controlled attention refers to moments where people seek to limit distractions and external stimuli to increase their focus and productivity, according to the Harvard Business Review. Stimulus-driven attention is when people welcome a shift in focus when they’re completing tasks such as responding to emails. In these instances, employees are engaged in a task where they don’t mind getting interrupted. Lastly, there is a period called rejuvenation, which is the time when employees will relax, check social media, or converse with friends in the office before getting back to work.

Different workers might not experience all of these moods in one day, and they probably go through them at different rates than others in the office. However, it is crucial that a work environment provides an outlet for employees experiencing each of these feelings throughout the course of the workday. Doing so will lead to a more satisfied workforce and more productive employees.

Office Designs That Support The Needs of Introverts


Make People Feel at Home

Millennials want to feel comfortable at work, so when business owners create their office spaces, they should buy ergonomic furniture , which has been shown to increase employee well-being. This will ensure everyone is at his or her peak performance throughout the workday. When Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island implemented ergonomic changes into its office, the amount of paid-leave days employees used plummeted from 345 to 89 over the course of four years, and ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome decreased significantly, according to Insider Louisville.

Additionally, many millennials prioritize having a nice work-life balance, Fortune reported. This means managers need to promote a more laid-back, friendly environment to attract top millennial talent to their businesses. A flexible office environment that gives younger employees options about where to work and opportunities for collaboration or solitude will go a long way in helping a company retain the best employees in the job market.

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