This Iconic Office Chair just got a Makeover

This Iconic Office Chair just got a Makeover

Herman Miller’s best-selling ergonomic desk chair just got a makeover and we’ve outlined here what they improved upon and what they got wrong.

An Iconic Office Chair

The Aeron Chair has been a staple of offices worldwide for over 20 years and in that time it has grown to become the best-selling desk chair of all time — 7 million and counting — and a vital tool for millions of workers. Whether you know its name or not, chances are that some point you’ve seen and even sat in this iconic chair.

When the Aeron chair debuted in 1994 it was unlike any chair the world had ever seen. It didn’t just change how we sat, but what we thought a chair could be. However, the office of 1994 would be largely unrecognizable today. From laptops and smartphones to open-office floor plans, the way we work and the spaces we work in have changed.

Aeron Chair in the Office

New Herman Miller Aeron Chair in the Office

Meet the new Aeron, Remastered

According to Herman Miller, the Aeron has been remastered for today’s work and worker. Built on the original design’s success, the innovative Herman Miller Aeron Chair combines the latest advancements in ergonomic and anthropometric research with industry leading materials and manufacturing technology. The result is an office chair that’s been redefined for the workspaces of today. It’s a design that is both health-positive and cross-performance focused while being environmentally mindful.

So what’s new?

Aeron Chair Detail

The new Aeron chair by Herman Miller. Refined look, updated features.

Refined Look, Sharper Details

First off, the look. It’s beautifully updated. The new Aeron silhouette holds closely to the original. From afar it’s easily recognizable. Up close there is much to appreciate in the details. The bulky visual weight has been reduced with a slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing chassis and updated base finishes. For those who want to splurge on the upgraded polished aluminum, the desk chair looks even more striking. Even the knobs and adjustments have been reworked. It looks like no aspect of the chair has been left untouched.

Aeron Pellicle

New Aeron 8Z Pellicle – Providing 8-Zones of Support.

Improved Sit

Aeron’s Pellicle®, the original elastomeric suspension, has been updated to the new 8Z Pellicle. Designed with 8 different zones, the tension across the seat and back varies — tighter at the edges and more forgiving where the body makes contact. This new 8-zone design envelops the sitter and delivers improved comfort and support. As with the previous generation of Pellicle, the seat and back have exceptional breathability and keep the body cool all day long.


Aeron PostureFit SL by Herman Miller

New Aeron PostureFit SL – Support your lower back like never before.

Better Posture

Aeron’s back support options have also been improved. In particularly a new model of PostureFit® called PostureFit SL. This updated version better supports the sacral region and natural S-shape of the spine. For those who need additional lower back support, this is a must.


Aeron Chassis Detail

New Aeron chassis is now slimmer, sharper looking, and packed with better adjustments.

Fewer Dial Turns

Anyone who has owned an Aeron already knows it can take a million dial turns to adjust the tension of a Classic Aeron chair. Well, that’s changed. The new chair’s tension can be adjusted on the new Aeron in less than 15 turns and the adjustments, in general, are much easier to use and more responsive. This will help to give a custom fit in less time.


Aeron has been remastered for today's work and worker.

Aeron chair by Herman Miller looks great in any room.

Price vs Value

The new Aeron starts at $730. That isn’t bad for all the improvements but like any long term investment — like a car or an appliance — you have to look at the price versus its value over the lifetime of the product. With a 12-year warranty, the Aeron chair is guaranteed to last you at least 12 years. That’s $60 a year investment to support your body and your health. If you are seated about 6 hours a day, for 5 days a week, that’s 1560 hours in your desk chair. That’s a lot. Your bed is probably the only thing you spend more time. So we feel this chair is an investment worth the cost.

What They Got Wrong

As much as we’d like to point out a glaring error, there really isn’t anything Herman Miller got wrong with this update. If you weren’t a fan of the Classic Aeron chair then this chair probably won’t win you over either. However, if you were a fan of the first version or have never tried the Aeron chair, then the remastered Aeron chair should be considered when you’re ready for a new ergonomic desk chair.

Iconic Aeron Chair Remastered

Aeron in Graphite and Polished Aluminum Chassis and Base.

Better Than Ever

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is best-in-class and with these remastered improvements, we think it will remain that way. While you will have to shell out a few more dollars to get this new model we think it’s worth the upgrade. If you’re looking for the next generation in superior comfort and health-positive support then look no further than the remastered Aeron chair by Herman Miller.

If you have questions about the updated Aeron chair by Herman Miller our product specialists can help, call 877.696.3342.


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