High-Quality Office Chairs For Just Pennies A Day

High-Quality Office Chairs For Just Pennies A Day

Sometimes it’s hard to think about how much an investment will pay off, especially when it comes to your office furniture.

Most workers sit on their office chairs at a minimum of 40 hours per week throughout the majority of the year. That’s a lot of time to spend on one piece of furniture. Think about your chair like other expenses (utility bills, morning coffee, doctor’s visits). We allocate plenty of money to these important things in life, so why shouldn’t we also give the same type of consideration to our office chairs?

What’s more, a really well-made office chair can cost you only 40 cents per day, according to Gentleman’s Gazette. When you recognize the value a high-quality desk chair will bring to your work-life balance, a few dozen pennies per day seems worth it in the long run. Here are some of the best high-quality options you can find at Office Designs:

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair

1. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Customizable and modern, the Aeron Chair is one of our bestsellers for a reason. The reason why it’s considered high-quality is due to its fully adjustable height and tilt tension structure. People of all shapes and sizes will find comfort and stability in this chair, and it’s streamlined design will look great in any style of office. The Aeron Chair is also considered one of the most ergonomic chairs ever made, as it incorporates a woven suspension design that distributes weight evenly.


Haworth Zody Task Chair

2. Zody Task Chair by Haworth

This versatile office chair comes in a variety of colors and can be fitted with several frame and base finishes to suit all decorating tastes. However, this reason why this chair is so famous lies in the ergonomic construction and foam seat material that offers comfort and style at the same time. The Zody Task Chair is also made with recycled and renewable materials, and the designers spent two years crafting the layout to ensure that it was supportive as well as beautiful.

Herman Miller Setu Chair

Herman Miller Setu Chair

3. Herman Miller Setu Chair

The Herman Miller suite of office chairs speaks for itself, and there are a lot of great models to choose from. However, the most simple yet innovative of them all might be the Setu Chair. There are numerous customizable color, arm and caster options for just about every type of worker in your office, and with pneumatic height adjustability, the Setu Chair is the perfect choice if you are seating a large number of individuals. Best of all, this chair won the Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year product award due to its minimalist, lightweight and versatile design features.


Steelcase Leap Chair

4. Leap Chair by Steelcase

The Leap Chair is another versatile office chair you will only pay pennies a day for but still looks elegant in almost any office. It’s stylish and sleek, but it’s also perfect for those with spine or neck issues since it changes shape in conjunction with workers’ back movements. The Leap Chair also relieves pressure from the legs, making it a wonderful option for anyone who values ergonomics.


Herman Miller SAYL Chair

5. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

The Sayl Chair from Herman Miller has a unique web design that incorporates less material than other chairs but still gets the job done when it comes to both style and ergonomics. Since it’s made without a frame in the chair back, it’s universal structure will look great in just about any room in the office as well.
When it comes to high-quality office chairs, don’t let cost get in the way of style and comfort. Since many of these models cost just pennies a day, it’s worth the long-term investment with Office Designs.

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