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Top 5 Ways You Might Be Misusing Your Office Chair

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

5 Tips to Improve the Way You Sit

Sitting all day, as good as it may feel, isn’t good for your body. Unfortunately, for many of us it’s a necessary part of our work life. Making sure you have the right chair is an important first step to protecting your health, but did you know that even with a great ergonomic task chair, using it incorrectly can damage your body?
Here are 5 simple tips to improve the way you sit, and ultimately your health:

1) Seat Height

Sitting too low or too high can affect contact pressure points and reduce circulation.

How to fix it: To reduce these pressure points, make sure you’re sitting all the way back into the chair when adjusting the height. Also make sure your hips are higher than your knees when your feet flat on the ground.

Adjusting Height of Chair to Support Body

2) Seat Depth

Poorly adjusted seat depth can increase contact pressure circulation and support.

How to fix it: Everyone’s body type is different. To reduce potential injury, make sure you’ve adjusted the depth of the seat, so that you have no more than a 3-4 finger gap between your knees, and the edge of your seat.

Seat Adjustment

3) Backrest

Improper backrest adjustments can damage your spine.

How to fix it: Reduce injury, and support your back and spine, by properly adjusting your back rest. Raise or lower the lumbar support until you have the most pronounced part of the support sitting in the small of your back.

Back Lumbar Adjustment

4) Back Angle / Back Recline

Poorly adjusted back angle can inhibit blood flow and increase spine pressure.

How to fix it: Movement is healthy for the spine and body. Adjusting the back angle of your chair helps to support and stabilize your back. Allow for flexibility, and movement, to increase blood flow, and reduce the risk of injury.

Back Tension Adjustment

5) The Arm Rest

Improperly adjusted armrests can lead to strain.

How to fix it: To reduce injury to your arms, upper back, and shoulders, you should adjust the height and width of the armrests to align with the natural fall of the arms. Armrests are also the natural extension of the desk, make sure your forearms, and wrists, are horizontally positioned.

Arm Adjustment