A Happy Happy, Joy Joy Office!

What makes a happy office?

Inspiration: Scandinavian Simple Workspace

Okay so it might not be on the same level as a day at the amusement park, but we believe the office should indeed be a happy place. How’s that? Glad you asked! For starters:

Discover Color

Bring some color in. Go ahead, we dare you. It’s not like you have to go all Sesame street on everything, but just sticking a few Campfire pieces in place of stifling who-knows-how-old furniture can do a lot to elevate the vibe at work.

Explore Comfort

We take comfort seriously. Beyond that, we believe comfort should go hand in hand with your health. Ergonomics are the cornerstone to feeling good, being productive and an all around healthier lifestyle. Start with your chair: if it’s not working for you, we have one that does.

Next, consider your desk. Are you moving enough throughout the day? Do you have to strain your eyes when looking at the monitor? It might be time to consider an adjustable monitor arm and/or sit-to-stand desk.

The big question remains

What makes you happy? Ultimately, no one can answer that for you but if we can help, great! Our Pinterest boards is full of things we love that hit all the boxes on the Happiness Checklist. Feel free to explore it and if we missed anything, be sure to let us know!